February Reading List

Tuesday is Library Day for us most weeks. You will find me chasing toddlers in the children’s section, or pushing a double stroller down the adult non-fiction aisle, every week at about 11:00 am. (Just follow the sound of screaming children.) As a home educator, I try to find books I can relate to lessons, as well as a few good self help books, and a novel or 2. Reading has always been one of my favorite past times and these winter days at home have me craving a good book!

I’m a girl who loves theming, so I usually try to match my weekly picks with the weather, month, upcoming holiday, etc. My January list included books on skiing, the science of snowflakes, how to save money (I’ve been working on a new 2019 budget), and Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Ella has really come to love the Little House On the Prairie series. We have been working our way through both chapter books and picture books of little Laura’s life one day at a time this month.

I also let my children pick out a few books that spark their interest; for bedtime stories they have not heard before. Mason’s January choices were from the Thomas the Train series, while Ella’s concentrated on her Birthday theme- Mermaids and Pirates! This time we have chosen A Golden Book about The Lion King and a book about Giant Squids (yes I said squids πŸ¦‘). Ella is still riding the wave from her birthday theme and spent an immense amount of time in the children’s non-fiction section exploring sea-life books. “Outside and Inside Giant Squid” was the winner.

Sometimes when I go to the library, I head straight to the closest computer, open the card catalog, and start going down my list of books I’d like to check out; writing down the letters or numbers and sections of where the books can be found. Other times, I feel brain dead and let my children play in the educational toy section while I grab a few of the “Librarian’s Picks” off the counter. This week was different though. I strolled peacefully down the aisles and felt like the right books just jumped out at me! Seriously! There were so many books I wanted to check out, but knew I could not read in 2 weeks time. It was a tough choice, but here are my most recent library selections:

  • “Wildalone” by Krassi Zourkova
  • “Love is a Verb” by Gary Chapman
  • “Handmade Valentine’s Day Crafts” by Ruth Owen
  • “A Really Good Snowman” by Daniel J. Mahoney
  • “A Hug is for Holding Me” by Lisa Wheeler
  • “The Bookstore Valentine” by Barbara Maitland
  • “Peace is an Offering” by Annette Lebox

and my kid’s picks; including “Outside and Inside Giant Squid” πŸ€ͺ.

I was trying to take a picture of my books, but my sweet dog Zoey kept interrupting the process. Isn’t she photogenic?

I’ll be sure to post reviews regarding these reads after I dig into them! We read “Peace is an Offering” tonight at bedtime and it is such a blessing of a book. I want to memorize every line.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to take advantage of my kids being asleep and start reading a new book! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

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